Thoughts #1 – Fashion cynicism

Hi everyone ! So as I told you in January (god, it’s been such an awful long time), I want this blog to start focusing on other matters than my mere outfits. I do love sharing my closet with you, but I woud like this blog to be more than that. Besides, I don’t exactly enjoy detailing all my outfits as how much I love this lace or what I did today is not that very interesting, and as they are pretty much the same as you can see on plenty of other blogs (I hope mine are a little different, but my retro touch is way too ‘mainstream’ now I might wonder if I ever rocked it without being interested in being on trend !).

I started blogging to chronicle my personal style evolution, so I could see myself changing through the seasons and years. But then I started drifting as I wanted to get some attention through it as well, so I started buying fashionable clothes rather than clothes that resemble me and my personality, my tastes, that embrace my figure and make me feel good. Thankfully, I found an internship, and, as you know, I deserted my blog because I didn’t have time to post on it. So I also deserted instagram, which was overwhelming my brain with images of über desirable clothes, food, healthy routines and such, and with all these miserable comments that people being their screen allow themselves to post -about how fat she is, how flat her arse/breast is and she really has nothing of a woman, what a fitspo this skinny muscular body is, how I’d like to bone this one, how love is not winning if it’s gay love …
It eventually did me good, as I was finally able to get rid of all this weird kind of pressure and feeling (I had been blogging for a few months only, so I wasn’t that pressured but you know, for the story) that made me somewhat like/desire stuff that I was not interested in before and sometimes made me sorry for humanity. I am a rather lazy person when it comes to efforts for myself and there is very few stuff that I would do without being happy about it -like cleaning my cat’s litter (but then again, I love my kitty), or I would do to match other people’s opinion. Because I couldn’t care less really, expect that this nonsense is becoming the norm.

So this little introspection made me ponder on the whole fashion world and business, and my relation to it. I am passionate about clothes, fabrics, materials, colours, designs, techniques, how they can shape the body. I am also passionate about fashion as it shapes more than the body, but the world, or at least reflects its reality in the most visible way.
But … what is fashion saying these past years ? That becoming famous because you leaked a sex tape and show your arse to the world is the definitive form of self-achievement ? That being daughter-of makes you more worthy than anybody else ? That liking is more important that disliking ? That money and followers make luxury and not the quality of the maison and the products anymore ? That you do not exist if you aren’t on social media ? That creation and innovation are less important than making profits ? That money has become the absolute end to everything and justify anything ? That shaming and hating is the only way to deal with people and things ?
I mean, if this is what fashion says today, then the world is one creepy place.

Fashion is not as exciting as it used to be. I tend to be quite cynical, and fashion nowadays got me even more cynical, with nonsenses such as the Kardashians & co (you got the previous reference!), 70s reuse til we puke suede and flares (I do love my 70s, don’t get me wrong, but this 70s fever has become quite ridiculous), brand-controlled editorials and blogs, dead fashion criticism, fastfashion catwalk copies and ethics, contradicting body images, ridiculous pricing, declining quality and savoir-faire, …
Thankfully the whole fashion industry is starting to realise this whirl of schizophrenia, and some try to fight this decline and raise the bar up again. On the long run, this could end up something very exciting ! All these rising criticism and awareness mean that something is going on in the fashion world, and that things might (FINALLY) be turned around. And I cannot wait to see (and maybe be part of) this little revolution –which I really hope will come !

BONUS : To help myself and you guys getting all debates clear in our brains, I picked some posts/articles found on my beloved web and my favorite blogs and classified them by topics. I apologise if most of them are going to be in French, but I tend to enjoy reading my more serious fashion reads in French.

– Fashion boredom : Café Mode / Tendances de Mode / Fashion United
– Body image : Café ModeSociety Pages / Tendances de Mode / Pandora Sykes / Pandora Sykes / Daily Mail
– Fashion and ethics : Pandora Sykes / Pandora Sykes / Café Mode / The Guardian
– Social Media : Pandora Sykes
– Others : Pandora Sykes / Pandora SykesTendances de Mode

Yours sincerely,


Favourites #2 Fashion Tutorials


Hi guys !
I never told you before that since I am old enough to sew, I have always enjoyed making my own or my dolls’ clothes. Mainly because I get to entirely decide how the clothes are going to look and also because I love doing stuff with my hands (like mounting an IKEA shelf, we almost fight with my boyfriend to decide who’s going to do it). Moreover, I have an obsession with fabrics and materials (that you might have noticed on my Pinterest boards here, here or here) that make me swoon over beautiful laces, prints and silks.
Though, I am not particularly good at it, mainly because I don’t spend enough time on practicing and getting better, so I need easy and cheap tutorials (basically free) so I won’t waste too much money nor time on these DIY projects. So here is my selection of my very own favourite fashion and accessories tutorials ever I have found on amazing blogs over the last few years  :

1) Schwurlie‘s tutorials. I LOVE this girl, her style, and her amazing fashion tutorials. She amazes me about how good she is at thinking about new easy patterns and DIY to make her outfits even more special -and OMG these fabrics ** So sad she stopped blogging a while ago now though :(
You can now make your own Summer Dress, Collar Dress or Mid-Season Coat !

2) You might surely have heard already of Geneva‘s trendy DIYs. Her fashion tutorials are super simple and clear, as she does not seem to be a professional sewer (YAY for us!) so you will easily be tempted to create all her über trendy fashion tutorials such as this gorgeous Lace Bralette, this Bardot style Off The Shoulder Top, this Fringed Clutch or these must-have Gladiator Sandals !

3) Leanne Barlow has a really nice DIY blog full of elegant and practical fashion tutorials. Though they are a bit too lady-like for me (and well, she is currently pregnant, but fashion tutorials are rare among the blogosphere for pregnancy fashion DIY so YAY for those with bellybumps!), you won’t need to over think before falling for this Leo Clutch (and others) tutorial or this super cool and easy Kimono tutorial

4) Two other fashion tutorials that I spotted and that are perfectly on point for this Summer trends : Pauline and Alice’s Sorell Flare Trousers tutorial and Anna’s DIY Skirt Dungarees (that you can easily turn into overalls or shorts !).

Voilà ! I hope I made you as enthusiastic as I am about DIY and making your own clothes, and do not hesitate to share your takes on those gorgeous tutorials !

Yours sincerely,


A/W #38


  This was my go-to outfit for basically any occasion this Winter. Cozy, 70s, stylish and warm, I mean, how much better can it get ? These jeans have, imho, the perfect denim shade, raw, dark blue, and the perfect flare shape, mid-waist so more comfortable and easy than high-waist, flared but not too wide so it remains modern and doesn’t make me look like an elephant. I luv them, just as much as this gooooorgeous blouse, black so it goes with everything, in silk chiffon which is light and a bit transparent so it fits for every occasion and season, with a lovely blouse neckline and sort of ribbons / scarf that you can tie and style the way you want (obviously seventies style for me tied like a pussybow!). In short, I love it and will miss it when the warmer days arrive, definitely.


Blouse – Ba&sh
Jeans – Warehouse
Boots – Asos
Mongolian wool scarf – Asos
Coat – The Kooples

Yours sincerely,


Random #3 Some news

Hi guys ! So it seems I have been away for over a month now. I’m so sorry I haven’t given any news, not even on my social media, but March has been hectic !

I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in International Culture & Business in a French University in Lyon, and in order to validate my degree, I had to find a 6-month internship. As you may guess, I wanted to find an international position within a fashion company, which was definitely not an easy task when you don’t have a fashion-related degree of some sorts. Yet, I have been lucky enough to find one, in Paris !

I’ve started on the 10th of March, so it’s all fresh and that’s why I haven’t been able to post on the blog or anywhere else. It’s a rather important position in a young fashion retail website, so this first month has been really busy with all the new stuff to learn, new people to meet, new surroundings to get used to, the new city to discover, a new place to find as well …

But now I’ve found my very own apartment in the 9ème arrondissement, and that I’m getting quite comfortable at the office, I hope I’m going to be able to post again regularly. Not too sure if the outfit posts are going to be that great, my place is quite tiny and there isn’t much natural light coming in, so I’ll have to see about that. I’ll at least try to post my outfits almost daily on instagram with a pic taken in my mirror (yay). I’ll try and go out to take some pictures, but I kind of hate taking pictures outside, I always feel terribly uncomfortable taking pictures on the street while people pass by, it’s already a bit awkward to shoot myself in my livingroom so picture me all not natural on the streets of Paris haha. But the light is so gorgeous, especially in Spring and Summer, and the photos always look so much better, dammit!

Anyway, we’ll find out soon enough :)

Don’t forget meanwhile to follow on Instagram so we can keep in touch now that I’m back ! :)


Yours sincerely,


Random #2 Social Media

Hi guys ! As you may know, I am on many social media platforms so I can tell you other stories than those on the blog on there :) So do not hesitate to check the little icons on the top right sidebar if you fancy ! To give you a little glimpse of what you can find there, I’ll sum them :

  • Instagram : well, obvi, daily updates of my random activities filtered with VSCOcam !

  • Pinterest : all my beloved varied inspirations organised in some very lovely themed boards, such as 70s Inspiration, Food Inspiration, Design Inspirations … Only pretty looking stuff !

  • LookBook : the outfit sharing platform per excellence, all my looks are featured there, and I’m sure many of you stumbled upon this blog through my LB page !

  • Deviantart : my art page, where I will (soon) share my drawings and I find amazing art inspirations too.

  • Tumblr : basically digests of my other social media activities. You can find the best of my design pins from Pinterest for instance, or the best looks you can find on the blog or LookBook, etc.

  • Google + and Twitter : I’m on these platforms as well, but I must confess I might be a witty chatter enough to tweet, or a thoughtful sharer enough to post on Google+. If you have any tips to get me to use them more, they are very welcome !

See you there I hope !

Yours sincerely,


A/W #37


I told you it would be back. Still boho, a bit more ‘glamour’ with the faux fur, I really like the look the combination of the dress and the jacket gave to the whole outfit. Do you like that kind of mix too ? Outfit apart, I am still struggling a bit to figure what kind of effect and aesthetics to give my pictures, and my blog, tell me what you guys think, I need a second opinion !

IMG_2112Dress – asos
Jacket – asos
Boots – Mango

Yours sincerely,